In a State

Short film written, produced and directed by David Nguyen. Starring Ali Ryrie-Golding, Sam Young and Shian Denovan.

When a lonely husband believes his missing wife is living with aliens, his sensible sister-in-law arrives to dispel his delusion.

After her sister Julia’s mysterious disappearance, pragmatic twenty-something Mia (Ali Ryrie-Golding) checks in on her sister’s forlorn husband, Joel (Sam Young). As Joel’s despair becomes apparent, Mia is alarmed to learn that Joel believes Julia (Shian Denovan) has gone to live with aliens. As Mia tries to talk him around, Joel makes the fantastical claim he can contact his wife using a strange black object. At first unbelieving, Mia’s firm grip on reality starts to dissolve, dredging up the ghosts of her relationship with her absent sister.

27 minutes


Credits (IMDB)
MIA: Ali Ryrie-Golding
JOEL: Sam Young
JULIA: Shian Denovan

Written, produced, directed and edited by David Nguyen.
Executive Producer: Thuyen Nguyen
Director of Photography: Brendan Krotz
1st Assistant Director: Rob La Terra
Camera Assistant: Charles Alexander
Gaffer: Roger Quraitem
Sound Recordist/Editor/Mixer: Ryan Granger
Makeup Artist: Olga Liberoyianni
Runner: John La Terra
Online Assistant Editor: Brendan Krotz
Sound Design: David Nguyen & Ryan Granger
Colourist & Graphic Designer: David Nguyen

Filmed on location in Melbourne, Australia.
Shot on the Blackmagic Production Camera with Super Takumar and Canon lenses.

A David Nguyen production in association with Devinquest.
Copyright © 2014 David Nguyen. All rights reserved.

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