December 10, 2016
1:13 pm

My new short film is about a young woman who has a recurring dream about her dead boyfriend where he urges her to move on with her life.

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October 30, 2016
9:45 pm

Hello? Is it deep progressive house you’re looking for?

July 11, 2016
8:35 pm

Remix by me under the name Future Grotesk.

February 25, 2016
7:39 pm

Related to my design work for Camberwell Quarter, I also completed the branding and website for its developer, DGE.

See the case study here

February 25, 2016
2:30 pm

I recently completed the branding and marketing collateral for Camberwell Quarter, a luxury property development in Melbourne’s east.

See the case study here

February 20, 2016
5:22 pm

My latest project is a rebrand and website for my good friends at Hybridmedia, a video production company based in Melbourne.

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February 5, 2016
2:30 pm

Sometimes I write TV commercials, like the one above for the Victorian Country Fire Authority’s 2016 summer fire campaign.

I wrote all four of the TVCs in the campaign for my friends at Hybridmedia who produced them.

See all the ads at Hybridmedia’s website

January 25, 2016
11:04 pm

In addition to my design and filmmaking activities, I sometimes make music. Recently, I did an unofficial remix of Everything But the Girl’s gentle pop classic, “Driving” under my Future Grotesk moniker. If you like house music with pianos and deep bass lines, you might enjoy it.

Download it for free from Mediafire
Listen to the track on YouTube

January 20, 2016
12:51 pm

I designed the titles for German filmmaker Ralf Beyerle’s new short film, ‘Nachspiel’. Translating to ‘Aftermath’ in English, the film is a comedy about a young woman who wakes up in the home of a random guy after a drunken night out.

Find out more at Nachspiel’s Facebook page

October 8, 2015
9:01 am

My latest short film is a bittersweet drama about a plumber who inadvertently gets mixed up in the relationship troubles of a customer. It stars Jessica Marie and Martin Forest.

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September 13, 2015
5:46 pm

I recently completed the branding and design collateral for Smokehouse 101, a BBQ joint in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

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June 8, 2015
10:05 am

I’m proud to present the music video I directed for Royksopp’s melancholy banger, ‘Running to the Sea’ for the official competition run by

Update: didn’t win but still happy with the work!

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May 29, 2015
2:06 pm

Here’s a music video I directed, produced and edited for Melbourne singer-songwriter Adam Pavitt.

‘The River’ is from his new album, ‘All The Time’ available now on iTunes.

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